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Thu at 20:13
is this thing on...check 1 check 2!
Thu at 20:26
Thu at 20:38
Milk if you're there...SIGN UP FOR RAID
Thu at 20:40
How about EVERYONE from Midnight Terrors sign up for raid! LETS DO THIS!!!
Thu at 20:41
lol Milk's the only one from us on here now that hasn't
Thu at 20:42
I only see 9...thought we had more
Thu at 20:42
we do...they're just not in this chat right now
Fri at 2:59
too much chat...turn it down!
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Raid 2 Downs X89!

Console posted Nov 5, 14
Great job raid 2!!

Grump Good work peeps
Healie Congratz guys c:
wscVALYN Really good kill time too for a first kill imo. 6 mins 47 sec
All that's left is Ohmna!
Grump If we can get 1 and a bit days on Ohmna she's dead
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