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Mon at 14:56
Damn.. I kinda gave Group 2 that idea for Kuralak sorry if it caused you guys drama or something didnt know it was an issue for you all... I never seen it as an exploit, you are not taking advantage of a bug, simply using the game mechanics that were already in play.
Tue at 0:59
its not a wxploit
Wed at 16:49
For those of you in Raid 1 who haven't seen the SD guide yet or seen a video, please don't wait til the last second. Guide: Video:
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Awesome job guys!

Raid 3 Kuralak

Raid 2 Downs Prototypes!

Console posted 6 hours ago
Great job!

Raid 2 Downs Phage Maw!

Console posted Dec 8, 14
Congratulations Raid 2!

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